West coast, South Africa

This weekend I went on a lovely weekend with my Boyfriend and his family to the West Coast of South Africa.

The west coast is beautiful, there is not much more to say than that… I want to share some of that with you !

They are currently experiencing a drought in the Western Cape – so some of the photos may look a bit dry, but somehow even they are beautiful.

Our journey started by taking a leisurely trip out of Cape Town toward Blouberg; this photo is of the iconic Table Mountain from just outside Blouberg:
We eventually stopped for lunch at a hotel in Saldanha with some beautiful views – their food was top notch and I immediately wanted a snooze! But we did have to move on, this is  a pic of our lunch 

Next we went off to Jacobsbaai which is where we were staying. BEAUTIFUL! The small town is clearly growing and developing, and all the houses and buildings seem to be following the same theme – my guess it a developmental restriction on what the owners can build – but it was truly serene 

The next morning produced a wonderful sight across the water and many residents seemed to want to take full advantage – running and cycling in the early morning 🙂

That evening (Saturday) we went to a very nice and unusual resterant in Saldanha called the Strandloper – here the wonderful staff prepared 10 different dishes of various fish and freshly baked bread and many delights right in front of your eyes – all the food was impeccable and there was a lovely old man with a guitar wondering around singing and getting everyone involved … what a beautiful evening !

Sunday morning we again went off to a wonderful restaurant in Saldanha on the harbor called The Slipway. Yet again we were blown away with the amazing sea food and generous portions on offer – all with a truly spectacular view of the harbor and the ships 

The West coast has many more such gems I am sure and I readily recommend a visit for anyone looking to have a beautiful relaxing time away


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