Lemon and Mascarpone Penne with Basil Chicken and Asparagus

I have to try this one! Looks yum and chicken pasta is a definite weakness for me ✨

UPDATE; I just made this recipe and I LOVED it! I didn’t have Basil and we used fresh chopped chili 🌶 instead of the flakes but it still turned out beautifully ✨👌

Wish to Dish

Hellooo may I introduce you to creamy pasta perfection?


I try to maintain diversity in my recipes: partly so that at  any one time there will be something to please everyone at the top of my archives but also because I love trying out new techniques, ingredients and cuisines. I am aware, however, that I have been frequently returning to pasta based dishes recently…. I do appologise for this but it is rainy and freezing cold (there were even touches of snow this week!) and the only thing I fancy eating in such conditions is pasta. Then again I imagine the majority of you will feel the same so hopefully some more pasta inspiration is just what you are all in need of! (?) If not then I have a delicious halloumi salad recipe coming up later on this week for you to look forward to!

Okay so I have…

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