Sentella Owl String Art

Morning lovelies!

Some info on me; I’m hugely into what is known as the “Burner Community ” and I have been to my countries Regonal Burn, AfrikaBurn, 3 times. It’s fantastic, it’s great, it’s a world away from home and I love it there, I love it so much in fact that myself and a few others have decided to start another such event in South Africa 🇿🇦 we call it Sentella. 2017 will be our 2nd burn and I cannot wait to watch this community grow.

Either way, Sentella is making a point of embracing Radical Inclusion (one of the 10 principles every burn is based on, from Burning Man in the states) — we are taking Sentella as a theme camp to AfrikaBurn and we are all going to Burning Man 2017! (Or at least trying to) — and for this adventure I decided to get creative, and I made two string art boards / signs for our International theme camp

One of the boards is a negative space owl, which is Sentellas logo 

And the other board is the Sentella name ✨💕

If you wanna find out more on how to make your own string art, don’t hesitate to ask ✨


Sentella on Facebook

Sentella; the international theme camp


Burning man


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