Thank you Swaziland 

Over the weekend, a few weeks back, my boyfriend Pieter and I went on an impromptu road trip to Swaziland.

I life in South Africa so this isn’t as difficult as it could be, but I highly recommend it, to locals and internationals alike.

You DON’T need a 4×4 to travel through Swaziland but it is recommended, most of the roads we traveled were tarred and maintained, but there are many that are not, if you plan on making a trip through Swaziland, do your research, is the boarder post(s) you plan on using connected to tar roads?

We traveled in our Land Cruiser, and it handled the roads perfectly, even the dirt ones, and I even managed to drive them with ease, and I am no professional 4x4er ! 

We stayed in a nature reserve for the night, and it was an absolute treat, so beautiful! You’re up in the mountains and at vantage points you can really see for miles, mostly I noticed the absolute stillness, the quiet. I cannot recommend it more for a relatively cheap holiday (it cost us under R5000 for the weekend, including petrol, food and camping) 

I say “Thank you Swaziland” because beyond the natural beauty of the place, the people there were all very knowledgeable and helpful and polite, I felt welcomed and the whole experience was magical 

This pic was taken in the morning, after having a perfectly peaceful (if chilly) night in the nature reserve.


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